Informed Retirement Course

The Informed Retirement Course

This in depth course offers real world advice and guidance, in a non-sales atmosphere, not only on how to get the most out of the retirement plan but on other issues that go well beyond the plan itself.

If you had a resource to minimize risk to your company and guide your employees through the retirement planning maze, there is no question you would provide it.  The Guidance Group's Informed Retirement Course is the resource you are looking for.

Part 1

  • 7 Reasons Retirement is not a Life Long Vacation
  • Determining Your Monthly Retirement Budget
  • Understanding Your Sources of Income
  • Understanding the Effects of Inflation
  • Retirement Projections
  • How Big a Nest Egg Do You Need?
  • Managing Your Nest Egg

Part 2

  • Managing Your Nest Egg (Continued)
  • Nest Egg Considerations
  • Making the Money Last as Long as You Do
  • Additional Sources of Retirement Income
  • Protecting Your Nest Egg
  • Estate Planning

Do your employees have the information they need to secure their financial futures?

Employees need more than just a retirement plan.  They need guidance in understanding how to put their assets to the best use.  Because of liability risks to your company, that guidance needs to come from a professional financial advisor.

Providing a quality, comprehensive retirement benefit for your employees is one of the most important things you can do.  Your company's success may very well depend on it.  That's because when people believe that you care for them beyond the scope of their job, they are more loyal, focused, productive and happy.

Without Trusted Guidance

  • Employees do not understand the true value of their retirement benefits or how to use them to grow wealth
  • Their perception of the benefits is based on employer matching contributions or the paperwork they need to sift through to enroll, rather than the wealth the benefits can create for them
  • When they reach retirement age, they cannot retire because they have a low balance in their retirement account

How the Informed Retirement Course benefits your organization and your employees

Organizational Benefits

  • Increase participation and deferrals
  • Minimize liability risks and fulfill ERISA 404(c) requirements
  • Enable employees to retire when the time comes
  • Enhance employer brand by offering a benefit employees will not find elsewhere
  • Foster a family environment where friendships form relationships, not titles and ranks
  • Help employees understand their true compensation by exposing the full value of their retirement benefit
  • Free up benefits and/or human resources staff

Employee Benefits

  • Be truly prepared for retirement
  • Be happier in their jobs and less likely to look for 'greener pastures'
  • Feel more valued and cared for
  • Develop stronger relationships with their co-workers and management
  • Have a stronger sense of control over their future
  • Realize that the company is interested in their family's well being
  • Have access to professional, experienced financial guidance they will not find elsewhere